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ASA Severe Weather Flying

ASA Lehrbuch Severe Weather Flying
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  • ASA-SWF-4
Meteorologist, flight instructor, weather research and engineering test pilot Dennis Newton... mehr
Produktinformationen zu "ASA Severe Weather Flying"

Meteorologist, flight instructor, weather research and engineering test pilot Dennis Newton speaks pilot-to-pilot in this valuable guide on detecting, avoiding, and escaping severe weather. He believes that by understanding the science, pilots can truly lessen their chances of encountering thunderstorms and other severe conditions.

A valuable resource for more than 30 years, in this Fourth Edition the author introduces the latest modern weather prediction models and technology, with instruction on how every pilot can use them to their advantage. Newton offers rational guidance to pilots, built upon a lifetime of experience and expertise, with detailed descriptions of the types of weather hazardous to flight. He also examines the capabilities and limitations of airplanes and equipment in weather encounters—all of which have been updated to the latest standards of research and Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

Meteorology can be a tough “language” to crack, but Newton translates the most crucial principles pilots can use to fly more wisely in weather. Severe Weather Flying is as valuable for seasoned veterans as for relative newcomers, and applicable to VFR, IFR, piston, turbine, low- and high-altitude operations.

Product details

  • Author: Dennis Newton
  • ISBN: 978-1-61954-414-7
  • Edition: Fourth Edition
  • Language: English
  • Dimensions: 18.42 x 22,86 cm
  • Page Count: 224 pages
  • Illustrations: Black and white photographs and drawings Includes Index
  • Weight: 0,476 kg
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